Can I use my dog at stud?

You will probably find that breeders or breeding kennels are not usually interested in using privately owned dogs for stud purposes, unless the dog has some special qualifications or show merit, or has the pedigree that they require for their breeding programme.


  • Is your dog fit, healthy and a typical specimen of the breed?
  • Have you carried out all the recommended health screening tests (cord1 PRA for MSHD and MLHD) and is your dog “clear”?
  • Does your dog have any breeding restrictions placed by its breeder on your Registration document?
  • Are you prepared to help the owner of the bitch find suitable homes for the puppies, if necessary?

With Dachshunds, it’s very rarely just a case of putting a dog and a bitch together and “letting them get on with it”.  Until a dog is experienced at stud, you may well find you have to intervene and “stage manage” his first few matings.  Even experienced stud dogs will need to be managed.

Read the Kennel Club’s advice on “Thinking of using your dog at stud?


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