Day Blindness in Wirehaired Dachshunds

Researchers in Norway have identified a form of Cone-Rod Dystrophy in Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds.  Cone-rod dystrophies are caused by progressive cell loss in the retina.  The “crd” mutation found in the population of Norwegian Wires is different from the cord1 mutation found in UK MSHD and MLHD. 

Ernst-Otto Ropstad discovered that pupil size is abnormal in a majority of young, day blind Dachshunds.  These findings can be used as a clinical indicator of day blindness in young dogs with vision disturbance.  Read about the original reasearch done by Ernst-Otto Ropstad.

The crd DNA test is available from Laboklin UK.

BBC News article on Day Blindness in WHD.

Read the most recent Research Paper into the study of genes for Day Blindness in WHD (March 2008).

Read the Breed Council’s information leaflet on Retinal Degeneration for puppy buyers and breeders.

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