Should I breed from my bitch?


  • Check that no breeding endorsement has been placed on your dog’s records by the breeder you bought him/her from
  • Ask your vet’s advice and ensure your dog is healthy and suitable (especially in temperament) to whelp a litter
  • Carry out all currently recommended health checks e.g. DNA eye testing for MLHD and MSHD (Contact a Breed Club for more breed-specific information, if you are unsure)
  • Ensure that the health status of the proposed stud dog is satisfactory and that the owner has also carried out any recommended health checks (and they are “clear”)
  • Talk to the breeder of your bitch, as they should be able to help advise you on suitable mates

You have to be sure that you have enough enquiries for good homes, as this is quite a specialist breed and can be difficult to sell if you don’t have “contacts” in the breed.  Enquiries for new homes tend to be from people who have already had one of the breed and are looking for a replacement for an old dog who has died. 

Dachshunds can have quite large litters of 6 – 8 puppies and if new owners are not forthcoming you could be faced with keeping this number of extremely active (and hungry) pups beyond the age of 8 weeks until suitable homes become available.   Do you have the time and the space for such a commitment?

Are you able to afford the cost of vets fees if your bitch requires a caesarian section?  Depending on where you live this could cost you anywhere up to £1000.  There is always a risk that your bitch might suffer complications and die during whelping.  Prepare yourself for this possibility and the subsequent need to hand-rear any surviving puppies.

If you’re thinking about breeding “to make money”, or because you think “it would be nice for my bitch to have puppies” these are probably not the best of reasons.

Remember, if you just want a companion for your pet, perhaps it would be better to get another puppy from a specialist breeder.

Advice from the Kennel Club: here.


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