Dachshund Rescue

We’re very lucky not to have a significant problem and our Breed Rescue organisation always has a waiting list of people who would like to re-home dogs.  Dachshund Rescue was formed by the Dachshund Club and the Longhaired Dachshund Club and is run on a voluntary basis by Dachshund specialists who can help with re-homing any Dachshund in need. 

Contacts are:

North – Val Skinner 0114 284 7425

South – Gill Goad 01458 850745

Wales – Steve Williams 01989 762883

Scotland – Elizabeth Fulton 0141 7752187

There is usually a 6-12 month waiting list of people wanting to re-home a rescued Dachshund.

The majority of rescued Dachshunds need to be re-homed for “family” reasons, such as bereavements and marital break-ups, rather than because of behavioural problems which is so often the reason in other breeds.

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