Silfurskugga Salka at Sunsong (Imp.)


Silfurskugga Salka at Sunsong (Imp.)

Salka completed her quarantine, having had a litter of 7 puppies, born on July 7th 1998. There were 3 chocolate and tan dogs, 2 brindle dogs and 2 brindle bitches. The puppies came home to “Sunsong” at the end of August 1998 and we kept a brindle bitch – Frosty – (Sunsong Ice Crystal).

Salka's Puppies

Salka's Puppies

Salka is the daughter of Icelandic and International Champion Silfurskugga Stakkur. We are grateful to Marta Gylfadottir for the opportunity to bring a completely new bloodline into the UK. Salka’s pedigree goes back to Swedish and Norwegian lines and Stakkur has 21 Champions and International Champions going back to his GGG Grandparents.

Is. & Int. Ch. Silfurskugga Stakkur IsCh. Flaxstams Brynjolf Battebarn IntUCh. SU(g)Ch. Wenja’s Illbatting IntUCh. NordU(v)Ch. Clur Vom Hohen Norden
Wenja’s Carola
Framnesgardens Du Veni Vidi Vici Int. Ch. Janus Uit de Boevenkuil
Ch. Framnesgardens Cr Frida
Flaxstams Pretty Belinda IntUCh. SJ(d)Ch. Stubbkarrs Calle SU(d)Ch. SJ(d)Ch. Allax Ingo
SJ(d)Ch. Aruts Hanna
Framnesgardens Dr Me En Gnutta Flax Framnesgardens Dj Jussi
SUCh. Framnesgardens Da Busan
Sigrid Keeper’s Nickel NJ(d)Ch. NU(d)Ch. Larkaholms Max IntUCh. NU(d)Ch. Drevskallets Tjans
Larkaholms T Bebban
Keeper’s Asta Mickelboda Appe
SU(d)Ch. NJ(d)Ch. SJ(G)Ch. Saterbo Ida
Ida Brunnakallas Lancelot SJ(d)Ch. Brunnakallas Cruse
SJ(d)Ch. Brunnakallas Isabella
Trapperdalens Nina SJ(d)Ch. Allax Akke

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