Sunsong Time After Time

Sunsong Time After Time

Sunsong Time After Time

RCC at the Dachshund Club Ch. Show 1999

CC with BOB at LKA 1999 (& was in the last 8 of the Hound Group)

RCC at Houndshow 2000

Ch. Ir.Ch. Ablebody Pizzicato Ablebody Bullseye Brockbane Dark Diablo Ch. Watermans Sunburst
Brockbane Dark Duet
Ablebody Toffeemix Ch. Lieblings Joker In The Pack
Nutmeg of Cedar
Ablebody Harmony Ch. Silvae Lightblue Sunsong Favour
Silvae Daylight
Ablebody Bourneville Ch. Lieblings Joker In The Pack
Nutmeg of Cedar
Ch. Sunsong Witching Hour Ch. Indira Ruff ‘N Ready for Wunderbarnz Ch. Indiana Jones of Ashihna Silver ‘N Gold of Marbejay
Ritlo Pearly Girl
Tulnaree Tea And Me Ch. Jarthley Nabob
Ch. Tulnaree Taste Of Honey
Sunsong Bewitched Clipperdown Jasper Carat Ch. Verwill Oakmaster
Clipperdown Silk ‘N Steel
Sunsong Fortune Teller Ch. Lieblings Joker In The Pack
Sunsong Serendipity

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