Genetics of Coat Colour and Type

The genetics of coat colour and type is of interest to many Dachshund breeders and owners. The links below are for some helpful sites that explain how it all works.

A really good book is “Genetics for Dog Breeders” by Roy Robinson (Pergamon Press 1982 ISBN 0 08 025917 0).

DNA testing for Dachshund Coat Colours

Prof. Sheila M. Schmutz, Ph.D, Univ. of Saskatchewan

Dog colour help

Genetics of coat colour and pattern – Eridox Dachshund Resources (index)

Dog Coat Colour Genetics

Granadan Dachshunds (UK) – Genetics (Coat, Colour and Pattern)

AKC List of colours and coats in Dachshunds

Aiello’s Dachshunds  – Colour Information (USA)


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