Guide for Judges – Swedish KC

The Swedish Kennel Club has issued a guide for judges regarding the exaggerations of pedigree dogs.  It provides breed-specific information on condition that judges should pay attention to.

Dachshunds (FCI Group 4) have no specific conditions of current concern.  47 out of approximately 300 recognised F.C.I. breeds have been mentioned specifically with a view to improving their health.

Requirements for ALL dogs:

Breathing: All dogs should be able to breathe normally, also when moving.

Eyes: All dogs should have clear eyes without any sign of discomfort.

Skin: All dogs should have healthy skin without any sign of discomfort.Coat: The coat should not be so extensive as to impede movement. 








All dogs should be able to move naturally without visible effort or pain.








All dogs should have good temperament suitable for life in present society. Breed specific behaviour must be noted and allowed, but excessive shyness or sharpness of temperament is not desirable. Aggressive dogs and dogs showing signs of panic and/or fear should always be awarded no prize.


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