KC Petition on the Dangerous Dogs Act

Support the Kennel Club and Dangerous Dogs Act Study Group petition to repeal the Dangerous Dogs Act and replace it with better legislation.


The Kennel Club believes that the Dangerous Dogs Act should be overhauled to better protect the public, placing greater responsibility on dog owners and remove the huge welfare implications affecting dogs deemed to be of a certain type.

If you agree that we need legislation that better protects the public against dogs dangerously out of control but without compromising any individual dog’s welfare, then join the KC in supporting the Lord Redesdale’s Private Members bill.

The bill embodies the principle of ‘deed not breed’ and opposes breed specific legislation on the grounds that a dog’s behaviour is influenced more by its environment, the training it receives and the responsibility of its owner, than it is by genetics (i.e. its breed or type). You can find out more details here – thekennelclub.org.uk

If you want to support this bill, just add your name to the online petition.


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