Dog Longevity

The Dog Longevity website created by Dr. Kelly M. Cassidy in 2007 provides an interesting review of reported measures of how long dogs live.

Most dog breed club web sites and many dog breed books provide an estimate of how long a particular breed can be expected to live.  Actual data about pet dog longevity are surprisingly sparse and widely scattered.  This site was created to assemble data and sources in one location, which also allows some interesting analyses.

The Vet School data for Dachshunds shows an average age of death of 5.5 years (829 dogs).  The author points out that Vet School data is a biased sample.   Dogs referred to vet schools often have uncommon conditions or conditions for which treatment is too specialised for most veterinary practices. Vet schools are also less likely to see dogs euthanized for “old age”.

The other two sets of Dachshund data show average ages of death to be 12.7 (2004 KC Survey – 245 dogs) and 12.2 years (1999 owners’ survey – 20 dogs).

Please use the Dachshund Breed Council’s Health Reporting website to report age of death for Dachshunds., as well as health conditions.


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