Dachshund Field Trial in Wisbech

Thanks to Sharron Shone for this report…

The inaugural meeting of the UK Dachshund Trials Club was held on 5th December. What an inauspicious start; awful weather, freezing, snow and slush everywhere, a biting wind, icy roads, and yet a little sunshine blessing our first trial day. What a mixture of sizes, coats and ages; standard and mini wires and a mini smooth with one dog 11 years old, all set to work in a wintry scene. Unfortunately, the weather prevented two enthusiasts from Hertfordshire attending.

The day started with coffee and mince pies, before a short explanation of the etiquette and rules of trialling. After fortification, we adjourned to the trial field.

As all the dogs were beginners, simple trails were laid for the novices and their dogs, to start to learn how to read and follow a scent. Everyone got the hang of it, practising up and down their own trail, the handlers learning to follow their dog, not the dog following the lead! A simple gun tolerance test was performed simultaneously as the dogs moved cautiously but purposefully around the field.

The “go to ground” was the next obstacle to be confronted. Handlers had great fun encouraging their charges to enter one end and, more importantly, get them to exit the other!

By now, the cold and damp was beginning to exact a toll on everyone, man and beast, but, with all wearing coats against the weather, the intrepid band all decided to try following a real “trail”. Across the field, the hardy souls lined up to try their hand at the real thing. For novices, this was really daunting, considering the field was a mixture of snow and grass. It was most pleasing to observe that all made a reasonable fist of the task, putting into practice what had been learned earlier.

At about 1.30pm, we decided to adjourn, so, with the dogs dried off and bedded down, we warmed ourselves with hot soup and a roll. Over lunch, there was animated discussion on the dog in general and the dachshund in particular. Everyone was more than happy that their dogs showed both an aptitude and inclination to work.

A successful day concluded with the participants heading home in daylight, with enquiries as to when and where the next meeting would take place.


27th  March – Wisbech, Cambs 10 a.m.

17th April – Diss, Norfolk 11 a.m.

Contact SHARRON SHONE for more information.  Tel: 01945 700546

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