Two Missing Dachshunds – please help

PLEASE HELP FIND 2 MISSING PUPPIES: Jack and Otto, 7 month old Dachshund puppies, were in the back of a car stolen in Bromsgrove, on Thursday 6th January 2011. LARGE CASH REWARD, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

A chocolate and red coloured smooth hair miniature dachshund 7 months old, male dog, wearing a chocolate brown leather and brass collar, and a brindle coloured wired hair miniature dachshund, also 7 months old, male dog are missing… Can you help return them to their family?

The puppies were in the back of a blue Land Rover Defender, registration number: 888 DAX, which was stolen from outside St Peter’s Church, Worcester Road, Bromsgrove on Thursday 6th January 2011, whilst the owner was attending a funeral. It’s likely the thieves didn’t know the dogs were in the back of the car.

The puppies were in a white wire dog carrier, approximately 28″ x 28″, with a pillow and dog blankets.

The dogs are well looked after and from a very loving home, and are desperately missed by their family.

Both dogs are microchipped and castrated.

LARGE CASH REWARD is offered for information leading to the return of the dogs. NO QUESTIONS asked about the theft of the car or other contents, the family just want their dogs to come back home.

If you have ANY information about these two puppies, or the white wire dog carrier please call 07721 604239 or contact Daybreak or send a facebook message.  Or if you don’t want to leave your name and details, please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or the RSPCA national hotline on 0300 1234999.


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