Cord1 PRA update from AHT

Dr. Cathryn Mellersh, Canine Genetics Research Group Leader at the Animal Health Trust, has provided the Dachshund Breed Council with an update on the status of the research into cord1 PRA. 

The overwhelming conclusion from these intensive studies is that the previously reported RPGRIP1 mutation, upon which the widely used DNA test is based, causes cone photoreceptors to malfunction and together with an additional mutation in a modifying gene causes early onset cone-rod degeneration. The CORD1 mutation is recessive, meaning no dog need be removed from the breeding population and every dog can be safely bred from, regardless of their genotype at the RPGRIP1 gene.

Just a note to avoid any ambiguity…

Any dog can be bred from and need not be removed from the gene pool even if they are cord1 “Carriers” or “Affecteds”. BUT, they must be mated to “Clear” dogs in order to avoid producing “Affected” puppies.

You can download Cathryn’s summary from the attachments link on the Breed Council’s Health Website.

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