Dachshund Breed Clubs praised for health approach

Dachshunds are setting a benchmark with regard to tackling health problems according to the Karlton Index, a new UK site devoted to measuring the progress being made on health improvement by breeds.

They report…  Strong leadership is emerging and there’s a number of collaborative projects between the breed clubs and external specialists. They have set their own goals for continuous improvement particularly on increased participation on health reporting and developing a breed population census. The published health report is an exemplar of good practice.

  • Health is seen as important to this breed.
  • Health information is easy to find.
  • Visible participation in protecting the future of the breed is good.

Next steps: Hopefully they will achieve their own goals on improved participation levels and the strategy could widen to include considerations of genetic diversity, the perils of inbreeding and the use of popular sires. It will be interesting to follow the debate about conformation too.


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