#dontcookyourdog Campaign is gathering momentum

The “Don’t Cook your Dog” campaign began after the recent tragedy of the two police dogs dying in a car.  The public outrage was channeled into a campaign, which is gaining momentum on Facebook and Twitter.  The RSPCA are called out to 6,000 dogs in distress in hot cars every year.

The campaign has been endorsed by The Kennel Club, Dogs Trust, the Blue Cross and celebrities such as Jilly Cooper and Stephen Fry.

You can visit the campaign website here and order car stickers, posters and other merchandise to help publicise this issue.

There is a page of information on first aid and what to do if you see a dog in a car on a hot day.

This campaign, with its important messages, is clearly bringing together a wide range of individuals and organisations; all with one aim: to stop more dogs dying as a result of being left to cook in cars.


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