Can you help with Back Research?

DNA Cheek Swab samples needed

If you have read the Breed Council’s previous Newsletters you will know that they are planning a research programme with the Animal Health Trust to see if we can identify a DNA test that will help identify genes associated with back problems in Dachshunds (Intervertebral Disc Disease – IVDD). If you have a Dachshund that meets the following two criteria, we would really appreciate it if you could provide a cheek swab sample for us to store for the research programme. Your Dachshund must:

  • Be 12 years old, or older

  • Never have had a back problem, however minor

We need to find approximately 50 Dachshunds who have no history of back problems to provide “control” samples for the research programme. If you think you can help, please contact Lesley McNaughton (Health & Welfare Sub-committee member). We also would ask for a donation of £10 (payable to the Animal Health Trust) to cover the costs of the swab kits.

Information we need from you

Please let Lesley have the following information:

  • Your name and address

  • Your telephone number

  • Your e-mail address (if you have one)

  • Your dog’s KC registered name

  • Your dog’s date of birth

  • Your dog’s breed variety (S, L, W, MS, ML, MW)

  • Confirmation that your dog has not had back problems during its life

  • Any knowledge you have of whether your dog’s parents, litter-mates, or his/her offspring have suffered any form of back problems

What happens next?

Lesley will arrange for a DNA cheek swab kit to be sent to you by the AHT. Once you have taken the swab, the kit should be returned to the AHT, for the attention of Bryan McLaughlin and clearly marked “DACHSHUND BACK DISEASE RESEARCH”.

How long will the research take?

At the moment, we are still planning the programme, but feel it is important to collect samples from elderly Dachshunds who have no history of back problems. The samples will be kept in storage by the AHT until we are able to begin the full research programme.

We also estimate that we will need to raise approx. £20,000 to fund this research programme.

Need more information?

Contact Lesley McNaughton: (01294 204205)


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