Come and see 650 Dachshunds at Crufts

More than 650 Dachshunds will be shown at Crufts 2012 on Sunday March 11th.  The number of dogs entered for each Dachshund variety is as follows:

Dachshund (Long-Haired) 87
Dachshund (Min Long-Haired) 168
Dachshund (Smooth-Haired) 65
Dachshund (Min Smooth-Haired) 127
Dachshund (Wire-Haired) 83
Dachshund (Min Wire-Haired) 126

There will also be plenty of Dachshunds to cuddle in the Discover Dogs section at the show and I have two pairs of tickets to give away, courtesy of the Kennel Club.  The competition is here.

Buy your Crufts tickets now – click on the link to go to the ticket office


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