More photos from the Dachshund UN event

The photographs below were taken by the Fierce Festival photographer Jaskirt Dhaliwal on the day of the Dachshund UN performance on the 31st March 2012.

Message from Bennett Miller, the artist who created Dachshund UN:  ‘A huge thank you to everyone that participated in Dachshund UN. The event was a wonderful success and it was fantastic to have so many people and dachshunds there on the day. It was very memorable and fascinating for me to see you all involved in the march of the dachshunds over to the sculpture, a great memory. Thank you’

Organiser Nicola Lowery said: ‘Sharing these photos with you is but a small token of our huge appreciation in taking the time to meet/talk with myself and Bennett and for your attendance, support and overwhelming brilliant enthusiasm on the day of the performance to make what was a truly memorable day.’ [Contact Nicola for more information]

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