Free ‘my dog uk’ app for Lost Pet Alerts

My dog uk, is a free app for Smart ‘phones, which has teamed up with Petlog to create a Lost Pet Alert.

If your dog is registered with Petlog you can use the Lost Pet Alert by downloading the free my dog uk app and entering your dog’s microchip and Petlog ID number, which you will find on your Petlog paperwork.

If you take your ‘phone with you on your dog walks, and in the unfortunate situation that your dog does go missing, you can send an alert to Petlog instantly from your ‘phone, giving details of where and when (s)he was lost. Furthermore, if you are a Petlog Premium member, Petlog will immediately alert authorised authorities and vets in a 30 mile radius and will mark your dog as lost on the database.

When you first download the App (which I did onto my iPad), the first thing you’ll have to do is sign up for an account with my dog uk.  Once registered, the app home page has 6 icons:

  • Out and about – links to dog friendly places, dog clubs and events, and advice on travelling with your dog
  • Profile – lets you add details about yourself and your dogs, including photos
  • My network – a bit like Facebook, with a wall, friends and status
  • Directories – beaches, cafes, camping sites, breeders, hotels – lots of useful links
  • Dog care – vets, food, training etc.
  • Top dogs – photos of  dogs in the network (most heroic, most lovable etc.)
The app is packed with useful links and information for dog owners and, because it uses your ‘phone’s location, it knows where you are and tailors the directories and links to your current location.  The amount of information in the app is truly impressive.
The Lost Pet Alert function will also be useful, however many dogs you own.  The app lets you record more than one dog’s PetID details.  So, if you’re like us and have a pack of Dachshunds, if you’ve added all your dogs’ microchip details you really will increase your chances of recovering a lost dog.  Overall, it looks like a great resource for dog owners.

Download the app directly from

  • Play Store on your Android phone
  • App store on your iPhone


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