Mini Wire Lafora Test – latest (June 2012)

The following update was posted at on June 10th…….


The tests on the trial set of samples sent to Canada are now complete. The team was able to identify affected, clear and carrier animals from blood and successfully achieved the same findings on saliva. The results are posted below. The ratios are consistent with earlier findings.

Prior to the test going live, the Canadian team want to complete some further tests to ensure saliva findings will be robust. Quote Dr Minassian.

“I am analyzing the saliva and blood data we already have and some more experiments in progress carefully with the team to assess whether we are ready for exclusively saliva work at this stage or not. I will write you soon, at which time I will also answer all the financial questions past and future.”

As soon as we have heard from Dr Minnassian whether testing can go ahead exclusively on saliva or whether blood samples are required, what the lab test prices will be and how many samples the laboratory can process at one time, testing can resume. We will post an update here, including any details of additional charges although we will do our utmost to avoid / minimize these. We will invite any previously tested with Centogene, who wish to have a full spectrum test, to submit samples in the same order that those tests were submitted to Centogene. Those who are parents or progeny of Affected animals, if tested Unaffected by Centogene, will not need another test – they will be Carriers.

We expect this to be within the next two weeks. We will place an update here and contact individuals who confirm they want a full spectrum test, in date order to invite them to submit samples (or organise blood testing if needed)

When all those from the Centogene cohort have had a full spectrum test, should they choose to, we will then invite new animals to come forward for testing.


Centogene confirm that they are unable to obtain reliable carrier results from saliva. They have sent us the majority of results for affected / unaffected now and the spreadsheet on here is now updated. It is not looking likely that Centogene will be able to use saliva for full spectrum testing in the near future. There are 12 results still outstanding form Centogene. If they are not forthcoming, we will request these owners to be in the first cohort for testing in Canada.

Breeding Advice

Now that testing can identify carriers, it will be simpler to avoid producing affected animals. The advice remains the same. Avoid using Affected animals wherever possible, if using Carriers only mate to a tested Clear and then ensure progeny is tested and new owners informed if animals are carriers.

The spreadsheet of test results can be found here.


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