National Microchipping Month – don’t forget!

You may have heard a lot about microchipping recently as compulsory microchipping has been a subject in the news. Currently in England no decisions have yet been made, but as from April 2012, Northern Ireland will begin implementing compulsory Microchipping and Wales has announced that it will be shortly releasing a consultation on compulsory microchipping – all great news for helping reunite lost pets with their owners.

Key actions for everyone to take: 

  • Microchip your Dachshund and keep your contact details up-to-date.
  • Download the new my dog uk app onto your smartphone.  The app is free and also has advice and info about microchipping, as well as lots of other great features – such as finding dog friendly restaurants / hotels / shops.

Petlog are offering an upgrade to Petlog Premium for the special price of £7.50 (online) during NMM – this allows you to update your details as many times as you like for the lifetime of your pet, as well as other benefits.


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