Virbac Microchip failure – advice from DEFRA

The following is taken from the DEFRA website

Failure of Virbac microchips

Virbac have identified a functionality issue with some microchips distributed since 2010. A small number of these microchips have recently malfunctioned.

The following chips with these batch numbers need to be replaced:

Chip numbers up to 900088000202473

Chip numbers 90008800020274 to 900008800259207

How do I know if my pet is affected?

Virbac have contacted all of their veterinary surgeon customers with a list of their clients who have received these microchips and they have also written to all of the pet owners that may be affected, advising them to get their pets’ chips checked. If you have not received a letter but think your pet may be affected, speak to your vet.

What should I do if the microchip has failed?

In the event your vet is unable to scan and read the original microchip, the pet must be re-chipped.

What should I do if the microchip has not failed?

We recommend that a new chip is inserted in case the existing chip fails at some point in the future.

If your dog is travelling out of the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme you should read the full advice given by DEFRA.


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