How to find the right Pet Insurance

A few people have asked us recently what’s the best pet insurance company to go with.  The answer, of course, depends on what your needs are.  It was coincidental that I received an e-mail today pointing me to a guide on how to find Pet Insurance that covers pre-existing conditions. It’s a short, but useful, article with this basic advice: To make sure you get the right plan, consider exactly what condition(s) your pet has and compare pet insurance existing conditions cover to get the best policy. It then discusses the difference between hereditary and congenital conditions and how these can affect insurers’ policy conditions.

Two other articles caught my eye:

The other issue with some insurers is that they put a limit on the amount of treatment they will cover for long-term health conditions.  So, the final article you might want to read is “How to find cheap lifetime pet insurance“.


My thanks to freelance writer Melissa Hathaway for sending me this information.


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