Did you know? Some interesting data from the Dachshund Breed Council’s 2012 Health Report

The Breed Council recently published its 2012 Health Report.  Did you know:

  • The Dachshund Breed Clubs have donated £19,000 towards Lafora Disease research and screening
  • Long-haired Dachshunds have the lowest prevalence of Back Disease (IVDD)
  • Cancers and Tumours were the second highest reported category of health condition reported online (15 new cases in 2012)
  • The DBC Health website has doubled the number of unique visitors compared in 2012 with 2011 and is currently averaging around 700 visitors per month
  • The DBC website was awarded Third Prize in the Hound Group in the Dog World/Midland Counties Breed Website Awards 2012
  • From surveys of owners of Mini Wires with Lafora Disease, when symptoms first started, only 1 vet recognised that they may be related to Lafora
  • There are now data over 8 years showing a reduction in the cord1 mutation frequency in Mini Longs (PRA)

Download the full Report (4MB, pdf)


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