Getting the Wires ready for Crufts

With only three weeks to go before Crufts, it’s important to know that Crunchie’s and Cadbury’s coats will be “spot-on” for the big day on 7th March.

Wire Dachshunds have a “double-coat”. There is a longer, harsh top coat with a dense, woolly undercoat beneath. Depending on the texture of the coat, two or three times a year the long, dead top coat needs to be hand-stripped to allow the new top coat to grow in. Wires have the advantage of not moulting like other dogs, but it does mean they can end up looking quite “shaggy” if you’re not careful and it’s a bit of an art keeping the coats looking good for each show.

If you are lucky enough to have a Wire with a short, harsh “pin wire” coat, it will probably not need stripping at all; you’ll just need to tidy it up with regular grooming. Neither Crunchie, nor Cadbury, are Pin Wires, so their coats need regular attention.



This is how Sue hand-strips our Wires. Starting at the neck, raise a fold of skin with one hand – you will see the long hairs of the top coat standing away from the woolly undercoat. Taking a few of the long top coat hairs between the finger and thumb of your other hand, pluck them out, or use a stripping knife. If the coat is ready to come out, the top coat will come away easily.




Continue down one side of the dog, then the other and down the back, until the dog is in his undercoat all over. This could take several sessions over a few days to achieve.





Finally, tidy the beard, tail and legs with the stripping knife.  Wire_coat_care_3





Our dogs get groomed once a week, so Sue always keeps on top of the Wire coats and the run-up to Crufts is really no different; just a matter of ensuring they stay tidy.

Here’s the finished job; Crunchie on the left, Cadbury on the right.



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