Our day at Crufts 2013

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The alarm went off at 6:10 and that signalled the start of our day at Crufts 2013. The weather forecast had said it would be raining and, sadly it was. A wet and muddy walk in from the NEC car park would mean the dogs getting filthy before they got anywhere near the show ring. Time to break out extra towels to be able to dry them off when we got there.

Anyway, bags packed and dogs (Cadbury and Crunchie) loaded, we set off. We collected our friend Jennifer and her dog Darwin who Sue would be showing in the Open Dog class.

The traffic was fine until the M42 where the queues started. We’d left in plenty of time, so we were still at our benches by about 9:15. Time for a quick visit to the Discover Dogs booths to say hello to the Dachshund helpers who would be showing off their dogs to the general public over the four days of Crufts.

Judging started at 10:00, but Sue’s first class with Cadbury was Limit Dog, which meant time to relax with a coffee and croissant, and watch the early classes. Cadbury always shows his socks off, but today it was only good enough to get him placed third in the class. That’s still a good result in what was a strong class.

Sue handled Darwin in the Open Dog class which had a really big entry. With only five places to be won, Darwin was out of luck but Jennifer was still really pleased to have qualified him to be there.

With the dog judging over, it was time to move onto the bitches. Since Crunchie is a Champion, she could only be entered in the Open Bitch class. This was also a big class and disappointingly, Crunchie wasn’t placed. Still, it’s great to see her name in the Crufts Show Catalogue as Champion Sunsong Whisper A Promise.

All the bitch judging was finished before 2 p.m. so we had time to grab a sandwich and then Sue took the dogs out to the exercise area for another leg stretch. We also had time to speak with Lars, the Norwegian breeder of our imported dog Foxy. We’d only e-mailed and spoken by ’phone previously, so it was great to meet finally. Sue was particularly delighted that he’d brought her a gift of some Norwegian chocolate.

At 3 o’clock we met up with Emily from Dogs Club TV to be briefed for the interview they wanted to do with me on Dachshunds. The filming was to be done outside, near the NEC lake, which sounded like a good idea, except, by now it was drizzling with rain. Nevertheless, we trooped outside and I was asked a series of questions about Dachshunds, on camera. Then, they wanted to have some ’action shots’, so I was required to walk the three dogs up and down the path several times. The cameraman said could I walk more slowly because he couldn’t keep up, but our Dachshunds are used to brisk walks so I’m afraid he had to put up with keeping up!

With the filming done, it was time to walk back to the car park and head home. The drive back was in torrential rain, but we were home by 6. Crufts was then on the TV at 6:30 so we were glued to that until 9, so it’s been a pretty full-on day.

So, there it is, Crufts is over for another year. Congratulations to all the winners.

Next year, Sue has the honour of judging the Wirehaired Dachshunds so it will be a pretty special day to look forward to.



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