Online Kennel Gazette April 2013

KC_Gazette_04-13The April Kennel Gazette is available here.

This is an edited online version of the April 2013 Kennel Gazette. The pages appear just as they do in the printed version, with readers able to turn the ‘virtual’ page with a click of the mouse.

If you read nothing else, read Steve Dean’s “From the Chairman” article.  He comments on the EFRA Committee Report into dog control and welfare and explains why this should be compulsory reading for all of us involved in breeding and showing dogs.  Steve is critical of the lack of understanding of the breeding of pedigree puppies demonstrated in the report and the naive views expressed on the actions that EFRA feels the KC should be taking.  Steve does acknowledge that EFRACom has perhaps realised that the KC world of pedigree dogs is better regulated than for those outside its sphere of influence.

Steve says at the end of his article  in the Gazette this month “So, as various groups continue to discuss these issues, the KC has gone forward with action“.

Also this  month:

  • Crufts in numbers
  • Progress at the AHT
  • High Profile Breed Education Day
  • English Springer Spaniel Championship
  • Cocker Spaniel Championship

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