Dog World’s “Talking Dogs” Podcast – Tom Burrington interviews Ian Seath

In this week’s podcast Tom Burrington speaks to the Dachshund Breed Council’s chairman, Ian Seath.

Dog World says…

  • THE DACHSHUND breed council has been a shining example in the way it has approached health problems and concerns within all six varieties of the breed. Just look at its websites to see the work and commitment it has put into educating and advising those interested in the future of the breeds.
  • Its efforts have been recognised by its positioning of first place on the Karlton Index for two years running and in this week’s podcast Tom Burrington speaks to the council’s chairman, Ian Seath, who has played a major part in its achievements and success.
  • Ian recognises the importance of all owners of Dachshunds being involved in research into the health of the breed and talks to us about the Dachs-Life 2012 survey and other initiatives of the council. He and his wife have Wirehaired Dachshunds and show under the Sunsong kennel name.

The Talking Dogs podcast is available to download free via iTunes. This will give you free access to the current podcast (18 minutes) and many other interviews from the world of dogs.


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