From the London Pet Show – Easy Walk Harnesses for Dachshunds

I met Fi Rose from at the London Pet Show on Sunday and she was kind enough to let me have one of her Easy Walk Harnesses to try out with one of our Wires.

Fi says “Easy walk harnesses are essential for small dogs, especially Dachshunds, as their backs  can be injured quiet easily. I have tried to give the best style and fabric while making sure my friends can walk and run with comfort. We have used secure buckles as well as top quality Velcro to make sure your dog is safe and in your control. A secure D-ring makes leash attachment easy.”

The harness is extremely well made and I’d be confident it would survive even the heavy wear and tear from one of our Wires on their regular country walks.  The design looks like it will spread the load from a pulling Dachshund so that it’s not all on the neck or back.  If you’re thinking of ordering one, check out Fi’s dog size guide first.  These harnesses are priced at £19 and you can really see the materials are of very high quality and a lot of thought has gone into the design.  Here’s a picture of Pola modelling her harness!


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