Has your Dachshund undergone an operation for a herniated disc?

The Breed Council’s IVDD research project with the Animal Health Trust now needs to collect DNA samples from 50 “Affected” dogs.

They are looking for dogs of any variety that have undergone back surgery for herniated discs in the lumbar spine in the age range 4-8 (although the dogs may be older now).

If you have a Dachshund who could help in this research, please contact Gina Salisbury who is coordinating the sample collection on behalf of the Health Sub-committee. E-mail:gina.salisbury@btinternet.com Tel: 01425 476826

The research will follow-up on work already done in Scandinavia which has identified an area of Chromosome 12 which appears to correlate with disc calcifications. It may therefore be possible to use this as a risk indicator as earlier research has show correlations between calcifications and IVDD.

In order to help cover costs, if you feel you are able to make a donation of £10 to the Animal Health Trust to cover the cost of swab kits, that would be very much appreciated.along with your “Affected” sample.


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