Huck and Raz: children’s books featuring 2 Dachshunds

Huk_and_Raz_books[1]The Huck and Raz series of books makes great gifts for children of all ages.

They are educational and fun to read.  The Huck and Raz series are stories inspired by two “very real” miniature Dachshunds, Huckleberry and Razberry. There are currently three books in the series, with more  planned:

  • Richie’s new dog
  • Huck goes shopping
  • Huck escapes

Watch Richie learn to be a good doggie parent while Huckleberry gets into funny trouble and Razberry, his younger companion, learns from her brother and steals his food.  You’ll never believe the kind of things these two little dogs do.

Huck and Raz (and other Rosie Pickles books) are available at Amazon as books and Kindle e-readers, soon to be in the Apple store, or visit


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