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Sue Seath’s critique:
I really enjoyed judging this numerically high entry and as it is a while since I have shown a Min Smooth, all the exhibits were new to me. There was great depth of quality in the bitches and I was spoilt for choice. I could easily have awarded several bitch CCs and many lovely exhibits had to leave the ring cardless. As in all the miniature varieties, the quality dogs were fewer in number. Although the overall level of quality of conformation is good in this breed, there were a significant number of exhibits with flat, splayed feet, not helped by having long nails. Short ribbing and consequently long loins were also much in evidence. Temperaments were generally good, although there were a handful of nervous ones. Several were over the desired weight for the breed and a couple were a whole pound heavier than the desired maximum weight limit in the breed standard. This is far too big a margin to allow, and if these dogs are bred from, the size will gradually creep up and they will resemble small standards rather than true miniatures.

Class 2343 MPD (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 9743 PROTHEROE Mr P Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil At Royalmaple NAF TAF

This elegant red caught my eye immediately. He is beautifully constructed with an attractive head and keen, alert expression. Lovely reach of neck, flowing smoothly into correct shoulders and level topline, which he held at all times both in stance and profle movement. Well angulated quarters complete the picture. Stylish mover, with accurate up and back movement. Unfortunately he carries his tail high and this does detract from his overall outline, but could not be denied his place in this class and Best Dog Puppy.

2nd: 9721 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Mylforbe Matchmaker At Carpaccio

Compact black and tan of different type to 1st, but of equal merit. They could easily change places on another occasion. Well bodied, with lovely ribbing and good bone and substance throughout. Well angulated in both fore and hindquarters, and moved freely in profile keeping his outline. Just preferred the head of 1st.

3rd: 9741 PHILLIPS Mrs I Arbennik St Thomas of Robinswood

Class 2344 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 9752 RUSSELL Mrs C Russteck Figgy Duff

Smart black and tan with all the breed essentials. Well proportioned head with pleasing expression. Good length neck, running smoothly into level topline. Balanced angulation in fore and hindquarters. Still immature in body as to be expected, but very promising. Moved out well and held his outline.

2nd: 9725 KEMPTON Miss L Mr Romeo

Rangy black and tan, could have better front construction as he moved very close in front coming towards me. Loses his topline on the move, with too much arch in loin.

Class 2345 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 2

One dog in this class was significantly over the upper weight limit in the breed standard, and although of excellent construction, I had to penalise this fault. Another dog was withdrawn due to temperament problems.

1st: 9722 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Carpaccio Red Adair

This elegant shaded red drew my eye on entering the ring. Spot on for size, proving that it is possible to breed a quality dog of the desired weight. Really comes into his own on the move and just powered round the ring with ground-covering stride in profile and completely true up and back action. Attractive, masculine head with alert expression and correct shaped dark eye. Reachy neck, flows into correctly placed shoulders, with good length upper arm to complement. Firm body with level topline and flowing underline. Well angulated behind. Holds his lovely outline at all times, both in stance and on the move. Beautifully presented – no long toenails here – and handled to get the best from him. CC, his third, and Best of Breed.

2nd: 9758 SHELTON Mrs A Barisse Eragon

More compact, heavier-bodied black and tan of completely different type to 1st. Good head and eye. Firm topline, held well on the move. Well angulated behind. Just could not match 1st on the move, having a shorter stride, and consequently covering less ground in profile action.

3rd: 9763 SMITH, Mr M & CONNOR Mr L Bronia Gregorio

Class 2346 PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 6

1st: 9707 DAYKIN Mrs C H Barratini Jonny Cash

Strong, masculine rich red of quality. Sired by the same dog as my Bitch C.C. winner. Lovely outline which he keeps both in stance and profile movement. Good bone and substance throughout and well constructed, having a well proportioned head with keen expression, good shoulders, top and underline and well angulated hindquarters. Moves parallel up and back and strides out well in profile, holding his topline. Slight curve in tail just detracts marginally from his overall outline, hence Reserve CC.

2nd: 9764 SMYTH Ms S Hoddernstorm Silver Duster At Morrow

Silver dapple of smaller, lighter-boned type. Didn’t hold his outline in profile on the move as well as 1st, and also not so positive in hind movement.

Class 2347 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 9732 MUGGLETON Miss L Mosiarto Mister Motivator

Smart, compact black and tan shown to advantage on a loose lead. Projects himself well in stance and on the move with his confident temperament. Attractive head and expression, well angulated at both ends and holds his firm, level topline at all times. Moved well in profile, but slightly elbowy coming towards me.

2nd: 9692 BURTON Mr B N & Mrs V A Swingletrees Razzamatazz JW

Longer-bodied dark red with well proportioned head and keen expression. A little short in upper arm, and this showed up on the move, where he is a bit high-stepping in front and doesn’t cover the ground quite as well as 1st. Well angulated behind and good body shape, but would prefer tighter feet and needs his nails cutting.

3rd: 9756 SCOTT Miss C M Wolferlow Captain Bellamy

Class 2348 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 9677 ANDISON, Mr J & PEEL Ms K Clentry Black Pudding

This dog posed a real dilemma. He was clearly the best constructed in this class, but is significantly oversize, and although I had to forgive it in the class I couldn’t consider him for the higher awards as a result. That said, he has a strong, masculine outlook with a correctly proportioned head. Good length neck flowed smoothly into well placed shoulders. Lovely body shape, top and underline and well angulated behind. His quality of conformation translated into sound, free movement where he covers the ground with ease. Just slightly turns out right front foot in stance.

2nd: 9693 BURTON Mr B N & Mrs V A Swingletrees Just-In-Time

Red with a super head and expression, good shoulders and well angulated quarters, however, he roaches his back both in stance and on the move, and needs more confidence.

3rd: 9728 MATHIAS, Mrs L & MATHIAS Miss B Ch Siouxline Zebedee JW

Class 2349 VD NO ENTRIES

 Class 2350 GCD (1 Entries) Abs: 0


Class 2351 MPB (13 Entries) Abs: 3

Spoilt for choice in this strong class and with more ring training and maturity many that were cardless will go on to do well.

1st: 9754 SALISBURY Mrs G E Brocklewood Black Rose

This black and tan stood out on entering the ring. She has all the essentials to go on to bigger and better things in the future. So well constructed and balanced and has movement to match. Feminine head with alert expression, reachy neck leading smoothly to well placed shoulders, has plenty of forechest for her age, a firm, level topline and good flow of underline to match. Correctly angulated quarters complete the picture. Moved out with freedom of action and covered the ground with ease. Sound up and back. Kept her lovely outline at all times. In beautiful gleaming condition and handled to advantage. Loved her. Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd: 9742 PHILLIPS Mrs J E Lokmadi Leading Lady for Daxphilly

Another lovely black and tan of very similar stamp to 1st. Well angulated at both ends, although at this stage has slightly less forechest than the 1st, but is obviously still maturing. Moved parallel up and back and kept her outline in profile movement. Another with good, free action. Well schooled to show off her virtues. Another with great promise for the future.

3rd: 9771 WILLIAMS, Ms R & MOES Mr C Cwmdarhain Vera Amore

Class 2352 PB (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 9772 WILLIAMS, Ms R & MOES Mr C Picollo Teckel Ginger Stripes (Imp)

Immature brindle that drew my attention on the first circuit of the ring with her powerful, ground-covering movement, and didn’t disappoint on table examination. Very well constructed with good shoulders, prominent breastbone, firm topline and very well angulated quarters. Could perhaps be a touch longer in ribbing and consequently shorter in loin, but out-moved the rest in this class. I see she is an import of Russian breeding.

2nd: 9748 REED Mrs E A Deercroft Spring Promise

More classic looking black and tan of great quality, very similar in type to first two in minor puppy class. Elegant and well constructed with balanced angulation in fore and hindquarters. Lovely body shape and firm topline. Parallel up and back movement and held her shape well in profile. Very promising indeed.

3rd: 9689 BRETHERTON Miss G Landrace Liberty

Class 2353 JB (13 Entries) Abs: 3

Another hotly contested class packed with quality exhibits, making for hair-splitting decisions.

1st: 9679 ANDISON, Mr J & PEEL Ms K Clentry Golddigga

Elegant red with copybook shoulders and length of upper arm that really impressed for her overall breed type and quality of conformation. Firm, level topline and good flow of underline. Parallel action up and back and stepped out freely in profile, maintaining her outline at all times. Still some maturing to do, but should have a good future.

2nd: 9726 KERRY Mrs T & Miss R Brocklewood Bacall at Kireton

Very similar type to 1st. Another high quality bitch with beautiful head and expression and overall elegance of outline. Well constructed at both ends, and holds a firm topline at all times. Keeps her outline on the move and is accurate in up and back action in addition.

3rd: 9683 BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Stargang Serena’s Song

Class 2354 PGB (15 Entries) Abs: 6

1st: 9699 CALLOW Mrs A Garthorne Little Eva

Have always admired the type produced by this consistent, long-established kennel and this bitch was no exception. Loved her from the minute she entered the ring and she didn’t disappoint on table examination. Classically constructed with textbook conformation. Absolutely correct shoulder placement and has long upper arm to complement – a feature sadly becoming a rarity in all varieties of dachshund. As a consequence she has the correct prominent forechest with dimpling either side, and a good length and spring of rib. Firm, level topline and sweeping underline and correctly angulated quarters to finish. Well boned and lovely substance throughout, but retains her femininity. Holds her outline at all times in stance and on the move. Excels in ground-covering action with great length of stride and sound action up and back. C.C.

2nd: 9753 SALISBURY Mrs G E Brocklewood Calypso JW

Another high quality exhibit from this kennel. Elegant shaded red with attractive head and expression, well placed shoulders, but slightly shorter upper arm than 1st. Firm, level topline and well angulated quarters. Good overall body shape and spring of rib. Moved with ease around the ring, but although true in front, slightly toeing in behind going away.

3rd: 9773 WORSWICK Mrs C Dolyharp’s Symphony

Class 2355 LB (9 Entries) Abs: 0

A class of high quality exhibits with quality right down the line.

1st: 9774 WORSWICK Mrs C Willowheath Prudence

Beautiful shaded red of quality. Similar in type to my other class winners and the same remarks apply. Attractive feminine head, neck flows smoothly into correctly placed shoulders. Pleasing body shape and firm topline held at all times. Correctly angulated quarters enabled her to move freely and cover the ground in style. Well handled to get the best from her.

2nd: 9700 CALLOW Mrs A Garthorne Miss Toffee

Slightly larger, but equally well constructed red. Good bone and substance throughout. Correct angulation at both ends and lovely body shape with good length of rib. Covered the ground with ease and was sound out and back. Just preferred the size of 1st.

3rd: 9708 DAYKIN Mrs C H Barratini Margo

Class 2356 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 9682 BLACKBURN Mrs E P Ch Sonderbar Billie Jean At Stargang (Imp)

Mature red with textbook construction. Admired her lovely head and expression, well placed shoulders, forechest and well angulated quarters to match. Easy free-striding action in profile, and is absolutely true and parallel moving out and back. Easy to see why she has done so much winning. A lovely bitch to be justifiably proud of. Just slightly losing her topline in profile movement, hence Reserve C.C. today.

2nd: 9770 WILLIAMS, Ms R & MOES Mr C Lux Ch Mal Ch Cwmdarhian Cara Mia

Shaded red of different type to 1st, but also of very high quality. Moderately angulated in fore and hindquarters, with good balance. Holds herself well on the move and is very stylish. Handled to advantage. Another one to be proud of.

3rd: 9703 CHILD-THOMAS , Mrs M & ERGIS Mrs S Ch Siouxline April Folly

Class 2357 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 9729 MAYGER Mr D F & Mrs H J Woolsocks Black Satin

Very sound black and tan 10 years of age. Holding her shape well in profile and has absolutely true, parallel action up and back. Well constructed throughout. A lovely quality bitch wearing her years well.


Sue Seath (Judge).










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