AHT warns dog owners to stay vigilant for signs of Seasonal Canine Illness from August to November

This is from the latest AHT Newsletter:

In recent years, during autumn, several dogs which had been walked in woodlands suddenly became ill. In some cases, dogs did not recover. Cases of this illness, named seasonal canine illness (SCI) are usually seen from August to November. The AHT advises dog owners to remain vigilant during this time as dogs could be at risk of SCI walking in any woodland during autumn.

The key clinical signs of SCI are vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy, typically experienced within 72 hours of walking in woodland. Owners noticing clinical signs should speak with a vet straight away. We are unable to advise on SCI cases or offer specific or individual advice on where you should or shouldn’t walk your dog during SCI season.

The cause of SCI is still unknown and there are no known preventive measures. You may wish to ask your vet about topical spray treatments for external parasites to apply to your dog immediately before a walk.

The first phase of the AHT’s research into SCI has come to an end and has identified useful data. On 30 July 2014, we hosted a workshop that included leading vets, forestry owners and the Kennel Club. It is hoped that the workshop will lead to a further phase of research with the aim of pinpointing the causes and identifying possible prevention methods and treatments.

Any further information we have about the SCI investigation will be updated to www.aht.org.uk/sci


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