What’s your favourite Dachshund to see at #DiscoverDogs

With only a week to go until Discover Dogs at Earl’s Court, London, you’ll be spoilt for choice of what breeds to see.  There will be more than 200 different breeds over the two days (8-9 November) and, of course, you’ll need to decide which of the six varieties of Dachshund is your favourite.   Dachshunds are very popular as pets and, in the UK, come in six varieties, two sizes – Standard (20-26 lbs) and Miniature (10-11lbs) – and three coats – Smooth, Long and Wire Haired.  They are loyal companions and generally make good family pets.

Dachshund Colours:

Smooth-haired – Dense, short, smooth and shiny requiring little maintenance. Most common colours are Black and Tan, Red, Chocolate/Tan and Dapple.

Long-haired – Soft and straight with feathering on underparts, ears, behind legs and tail where it forms a flag. Coat requires regular grooming. Most common colours are Black and Tan, Red (ranging from Cream to Shaded Red), Chocolate/Tan and Silver Dapple.

Wire-haired – A short, harsh coat with a dense undercoat covers the body. There is a beard on the chin, the eyebrows are bushy, but hair on the ears is almost smooth. A Wire coat typically will need stripping (never clipping) twice a year; they don’t moult.  Most common colours are Brindle and Red. Chocolate/Tan and Dapple also occurs.

Do not be talked into buying a “rare coloured” Dachshund. Generally, anyone telling you a puppy has a rare colour either doesn’t know what they are talking about, or they are a commercial breeder.  The Dachshund Breed Council has recently updated its information leaflet for prospective owners and you can download a pdf copy here.  There’s lots more information for potential owners at the Breed Council’s website, including a FREE e-book.

DISCOVER DOGS is London’s biggest dog event!

Discover Dogs is a great day out for all the family with plenty of shopping opportunities for all those “doggy gifts” you know you’ll be needing for Christmas presents this year.

Children under 12 get in free and you can order tickets here.

Watch the highlights from last year:




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