The KC is launching its 2014 Breed Health Survey – lots of Dachshund responses wanted please!

The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is running a survey from 8th November to 25th December which aims to build a stronger understanding of the health of all pedigree dog breeds.

The 2014 Pedigree Breed Health Survey is open to owners of all Kennel Club breed-registered dogs, both living and deceased (since 2004) and has been led Dr Tom Lewis, Quantitative Geneticist for the Kennel Club.   It is hoped that the results of the survey will help to provide a clear picture of the prevalence of current health concerns and will enable evidence-based decisions to be made to improve dog health, and we are encouraging as many owners as possible to take part.

The survey will provide data on health, breeding and behaviour, as well as morbidity, and will run from 8 November until 25 December 2014.

Please fill in the survey if:

  • your dog is registered with the Kennel Club on the Breed register (this does not include dogs only registered on companion or activity register)
  • your dog is older than six months
  • your dog has sadly passed away, we ask that you only complete our survey if it passed away after the 31st December 2004

To fill in the survey we recommend you have the following to hand

  • Kennel Club Registration documentation – including the Kennel Club registered name and number
  • Any veterinary records for your dog(s)
  • Any information of litters that you have had

You can fill out the survey here

(please note responses before 8 November or after 25 December will not be taken).

The project will provide data which can be analysed against results of the Kennel Club’s 2004 Purebred Dog Health Survey, which will help to pinpoint the areas which have seen improvement and areas in which improvement is still needed.

In designing the survey the Kennel Club collaborated with breed health coordinators to highlight any health concerns breed clubs are particularly interested in finding the prevalence of.  Veterinary and epidemiological advice on the survey has been provided by Dr Dan O’Neill at the Royal Veterinary College and Katy Evans at the Animal Health Trust.  The behavioural section of the survey was developed with the expertise of Dr Lucy Asher and Naomi Harvey at the University of Nottingham.

By taking part in the survey and leaving your email address you will be entered into a competition to win a range of prizes including a family ticket to Crufts.

How long does the survey take?

The survey takes the average participant 25 minutes.

I have not received an email, can I still take part?

Yes, an email has been sent out to owners of dogs over 6 months old, registered with The Kennel Club since 1999. When some owners registered with the Kennel Club they may have indicated that they do not wish to receive correspondence from us, thus may not have received an email. If you have not received an email you can take part by clicking here.

I have more than 5 dogs, how should I fill in the survey?

You should provide us with the information on your oldest dog, 2ndoldest dog, dog with the middle age (median), 2ndyoungest dog and youngest dog. Please remember this is for dogs you own, over the age of 6 months old.

Why is The Kennel Club registration number required?

This is required to minimise the presence of false and duplicate data and will not be used for any other purposes unless otherwise specified. All data will be anonymised prior to publication.

My dog has no health conditions, should I fill in the survey?

Yes, we need a representation of the whole population of Kennel Club registered dogs, which includes dogs with and without health conditions.

My breed has just carried out a survey. Should I still take part?

Yes, the Pedigree Breed Health Survey is designed to run alongside breed club surveys. The 2014 survey will be able to collect data in a uniform way across breeds and compare these results to those of the 2004 survey.

My dog is not Kennel Club registered; can I fill in the survey?

Unfortunately not, the current survey is only open to Kennel Club Breed Registered dogs.  Once we have carried out the Pedigree Breed Health Survey, we would like to carry out a similar survey looking into the health of other types of dogs i.e. crossbreeds.

I currently do not have any dogs that are alive, but would like to fill out the morbidity section, can I do this?

Yes, if your dog has died since 31stDecember 2004, as this is a study of what has occurred since the previous Health survey in 2004.

For more FAQ’s please click here.

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