My critique of Mini Wires at the Dachshund Club November 2014

MW Dachs Club 2014 (4) (Custom)
The last time I judged Mini Wires my main criticism of the breed was the number of nervous dogs that I found (1 in 5). Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see only a few and none so nervous they couldn’t be handled. Perhaps those exhibitors simply stayed away! The breed should be bold and outgoing, and this time temperament was a less significant factor in my decision-making. My concerns this time were that some dogs are becoming more like terriers and less like Dachshunds. Yes, we need ground clearance, but we also need prominent forechests, oval fronts and well laid-back shoulder placement. Some of the more terrier types also suffer from short keels, tucked-up underlines and short ribcages. I also noted a number of dogs with crowded and uneven lower incisors, although not to the extent that was prevalent in the breed some years ago.
Overall, I felt the quality of my entry was better than on the last occasion, with the bitches particularly strong. As a variety, I think the Mini Wires have pretty much addressed the issue of exaggerated length, excessively deep chests and lack of ground clearance which still affects some of the other varieties. The influx of continental and Scandinavian breeding has undoubtedly helped, but breeders must remain aware of differences between the FCI and UK Breed Standards so that we don’t end up with terriers.
Special Beginners Dog/Bitch (3, 1 abs)
1: Tubb’s Westwillow Mini Major Rich. Quite a rangy 9 month red dog with a decent coat, still needing time to mature. Good reach of neck and held a reasonable topline on the move. Slightly upright in shoulder and lacking length of upper arm. Reasonable length of ribbing but slight short in keel making him look a bit tucked up. Moved parallel going away.
2: Thackwray’s Dathack’s Perfect Diamond. 7 month brindle bitch who is a more compact and correctly proportioned type than 1 but rather lost her topline on the move and held her tail rather proud. Not the length of ribbing of 1. Parallel hind movement going away.
Minor Puppy Dog (5, 2 abs)
1: Pain’s Ravensbeech Rigoletto. Well balanced brindle pup of just 6 months who has a good coat. Acceptable ground clearance and able to step out well in profile. Parallel front movement coming towards me and hind movement going away.
2: Howells’ Fallowmill Pochard. 11 month brindle with an excellent coat, beautifully presented. Rather more upright in shoulder than 1 and not driving as strongly with his hindquarters. Elegant, reachy neck and good amount of forechest. Could do with more length of ribbing. Correct proportions and balance.
3: Heather’s Ravensbeech Rossini
Puppy Dog (2, 0 abs)
1: Hunt’s Earthsea’s Billy the Kid. Really good coated brindle of 11 months. Slightly upright in shoulder. Elegant reach of neck running into a firmly held topline. Prominent forechest. No doubt his depth of body will develop as he matures. He certainly steps out in profile movement. Toeing in slightly when moving away from me. Tidy underline. Best Dog Puppy.
2: Tubb’s Westwillow Mini Major Rich.
Junior Dog (2, 1 abs)
1: Kent’s Ch Barratini Teddyboy at Lokmadi. A quality boy, well-balanced, with an excellent, harsh coat. Moved very true coming towards me and absolutely parallel hind movement, going away. Held a good topline at all times. Super angulation at both ends. Just felt he didn’t quite put it all in during the challenge, but he was certainly in contention.
Postgraduate Dog (4, 1 abs)
1: Grant’s Barratini Ted Astaire at Granhoward. I had a real dilemma with this boy; he is a lovely shape, good size and correctly proportioned, but he needs to be more confident. Strong head, on a reachy neck, running into correctly placed shoulders. Lovely tidy underline and firm topline at all times.
2: Marston-Teale’s Lordscairnie Moment of Love. This boy didn’t have the quality of coat of 1 and tended to run up behind when on the move. Correct proportions, with adequate ground clearance. Elegant neck and adequate amount of forechest. Good length of ribbing. Preferred his hindquarters to 3.
3: Neate’s Beaucat Eddie Tor
Limit Dog (3, 0 abs)
1: Dance’s Waldmeister Rova To You Emem. Extrovert, compact type with great bone and substance. Held a correct topline on the move in profile. A little more tucked-up in the underline than 2. Lovely true movement coming towards me. Could perhaps do with a bit more bend of stifle. Good harsh coat, well turned out.
2: Hayward’s Taree Scoville at Wirefusion. Harsh-coated Black and Tan, who is a longer type than 1. Moved slightly wide in front when coming towards me and tended to roach his topline a little on the move. Good length of ribbing. Correct ratio of body-depth to ground clearance.
3: Neate’s Beaucat Exfactor
Open Dog (4, 1 abs)
1: Ryan’s Ir. Ch. Drakesleat Neil’s on Wheels. Absolutely correct size and well-balanced dog who I have previously awarded a Limit class, so it was interesting to see him now he has matured further. Classic Dachshund shape when posed. Superb front construction with good length of upper arm, well-laid shoulder and tightly-fitting elbows. Well ribbed-up. Well-angulated behind, moved absolutely parallel moving away and his profile movement really shows off his angulation and drive. Dog CC.
2: Rose’s Ch. Ridanflight Ricardo. Harsh-coated brindle and easy to see how he has done so well this year. Good front construction and his elegant neck runs into a neat topline which he holds on the move. Rather more depth of body and less ground clearance than 1. Correct proportions of overall height to length.
3: Hayward’s Foxearth Fidler on the Roof
Veteran Dog (1, 0 abs)
1: Evans’ Emem Storms Ahead. Well, this was my surprise find of the day. A really good, honest little dog with very little to fault who, I’m sure could offer much as a stud, even at 8 years old. Correct harsh coat, well turned out. Absolutely true coming towards me and correct parallel hind end when moving away. Adequate ground clearance; correct front construction with tight-fitting elbows. Tidy underline. Reserve Dog CC.
Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 1 abs)
1: Price’s Samlane Belleza. 7 month brindle bitch who looks a picture when stacked. An outgoing girl who makes her handler work hard. Slight tendency to lose her topline, running up slightly, on the move. Good coat. Bunchy feet. Tight-fitting elbows. Moved true coming towards me, but slightly less neat moving away. Overall, lovely proportioned bitch with plenty of time for her to grow up.
2: Thackwray’s Dathack’s Perfect Diamond
Puppy Bitch (5, 2 abs)
1: Russell’s Russteck Wired to the Moon. Correct sized dark, harsh-coated bitch who has lovely front construction. Tidy underline with keel going well back, not tucked-up like so many. Preferred her hind angulation to 2 and she really does move very freely in profile and parallel moving away. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed.
2: Chugg’s Templestowe On Line. Another young brindle bitch with a neat front construction and tight-fitting elbows. Topline held correctly at all times. Good underline. Not quite as elegant as 1, but more balanced and correctly proportioned than 3.
3: Mobley’s Jakanem What You Will
Junior Bitch (8, 3 abs)
1: Thorn-Andrews’ Drakesleat Honour Roll. A striking dark brindle who excels in front construction, with all the correct angulation. Good amount of forechest; elegant reach of neck. Neat, flowing underline. Held her topline when on the move. Good turn of stifle and she moved absolutely true coming and going. No doubt one with a promising future.
2: Rose’s Ridanflight Reflection. This little girl was a “proper hound”, with a great, harsh coat, who looked like she could do a day’s work. Not quite the front construction of 1, being a bit more upright in shoulder. Good amount of forechest, but slightly more tucked up in underline than 1. Used her turn of stifle to good effect in profile movement.
3: Kirkwood’s Helydon Fabulous Freya
Postgraduate Bitch (12, 2 abs)
This was a very strong class, with plenty of lovely bitches to choose from.
1: Russell’s Russteck I Dreamed a Dream. Another very impressive bitch with a classic profile, whose dark, harsh coat is beautifully presented. Elegant reach of neck, prominent forechest and tight-fitting elbows; adequate ground clearance. Moved very true coming towards me, but not quite so neat going away. Holds a great topline on the move.
2: Passey’s Brabyon Krystal Moon to Cagebrook. A very outgoing bitch who stepped out with enthusiasm and drive from both ends. Not the coat of 1. Adequate amount of forechest. Neat, tidy underline. Held her topline when on the move. A really good-looking, houndy Dachshund who looks like she could work all day.
3: Rose’s Ridanflight Remember Me
Limit Bitch (10, 4 abs)
1: Jones’ Bimini From Russia With Love. A really well-made bitch who has the correct balance and proportions. Hard to fault as an overall picture. Lovely front construction, with good upper arm and tight fitting elbows. This meant her movement coming towards me was very true. Elegant neck and good amount of forechest. Held a firm topline in profile movement. Reserve Bitch CC.
2: Rigby’s Waldmeister Maud for Rigadac. Lovely to see such an outgoing bitch who was clearly enjoying her day out. Stepped out round the ring with good drive from her hindquarters. Not the coat of 1. Adequate forchest. Tidy underline, flowing from her keel. Held a correct topline on the move, in profile.
3: Marston-Teale’s Lordscairnie Rhythm of Love
Open Bitch (5, 1 abs)
1: Thorn-Andrews’ Ch. Drakesleat Scent Sybil. When I previously judged this stunning bitch I said “A lovely puppy, with great potential” and that has clearly proved to be an understatement. Beautifully put together; absolutely correct front angulation with everything fitting neatly. Neat underline. Good topline at all times. Good coat. Really well-angulated hindquarters. Moved true in both directions. Bitch CC, Best of Breed and Best in Show. Congratulations!
2: Daykin’s Barratini Hot Gossip JW. Another quality bitch, again with the correct length to height proportions and ground clearance. Not quite as good in topline as 1; having a slight dip behind the shoulder. Good reach of neck and well-constructed in front so she moved very tidily coming towards me. Neat underline; not at all cut up.
3: Walker’s Deepdax in the Red at Roselle
Veteran Bitch (2, 0 abs)
1: Hayward’s Ch Foxearth Foto Copy. I liked this bitch when she came under me as a Veteran previously and she still appeals for her outgoing temperament, harsh red coat and real workmanlike appearance. Presented in fit, hard condition for a 10 year old. Good ground clearance ensures she can really step out and drive round the ring.
2: Black’s Ch. Bassodon Dita Von Teese. Just into Veteran this year. Not quite as bold and outgoing, nor the coat, of 1, but probably more correct proportions, being a more compact type. Lovely front construction. Adequate ground clearance. Well-angulated behind and moved out well in profile.

Ian J Seath; Judge


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