WiggleLess Dog Back Braces

I recently had an e-mail from Lisa Luckenbach of Wiggleless.com who has developed and marketed the WiggleLess back brace for dogs.  It serves a variety of purposes: for example to treat dogs that are elderly with aching backs, those diagnosed with IVDD-related back problems, or those who are overly active and who who would benefit from a dog back brace.

Lisa says that, as a proponent of dog health and wellness, she also sells several other products dedicated to maintaining a dog’s well-being. This link will share a little more about WiggleLess: http://wiggleless.com/dog-back-brace/
Lisa has also told her own story of how WiggleLess came into being after her Dachshunds were diagnosed with IVDD and she has worked with many dachshund owners over the years who are helping their dogs live with the disease and who, like Lisa, have lost their much-loved pups.
Lisa also writes a blog and has been a guest blogger on various sites re: IVDD – you can see samples of her writing here: http://wiggleless.com/blog/.
[Images are from wiggleless.com and provide links there]

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