9 years of Wire Dachshund judges from the KC’s “Find a Judge”

The KC has recently added some new features to its “Find a Judge” service on its website.  You can now see every judge’s appointment history going back to 2006 and their future approved appointments.  A useful feature for committees selecting judges is that each judge’s entry and the year’s average number of dogs entered are also available.

The data will also be helpful in highlighting judges who have been approved to award CCs in Dachshunds but have not recently had appointments, or in some cases have not judged one of the Dachshund varieties at all.  Shows held in parts of the country, or days of the week, that historically have drawn lower entries may also be able to use the data to select judges that may improve their entries.

a01640f2-8ea9-4995-8348-8f1a2fba750aThe attached pdf file [Judging History – Wires] shows judges for Wires since 2006. Those entries that are higher than the year’s average are shown in green; those lower than the year’s average are shown in red.



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