Poll – do you agree with ‘means to pick up’ measures?

From the Kennel Club:

A number of councils are introducing new local laws which require dog walkers to be in possession of means to pick up after your dog i.e. a poo bag or poop scoop etc. Failure to produce a ‘means to pick up’ when asked by a council official could result in a £100 fixed penalty fine or up to £1,000 in a magistrates court. the KC has concerns that these laws may end up penalising responsible dog owners and would like to know your views. For information and to vote in the poll please click here.

The Kennel Club believe that picking up after your dog is a central component of being a responsible dog owner. However, they have four major concerns over these proposals –

1)      Responsible dog owners, who have picked up after their dog but used all of their bags, could be stopped at the end of their walk and be fined, even though they had picked up after their dog.

2)      Dog walkers who find themselves with a single bag left will be forced into either using the bag and risk being caught later without possessing the means to pick up, or risk not picking up after their dog to retain the bag in case they are stopped later in their walk.

3)      Irresponsible dog walkers who never pick up after their dog could simply tie a bag to their dog’s collar with no intention of using it and would never be at risk of being caught and fined under these rules

4)      Where councils have introduced (or proposed to introduce) these rules, the legal requirements by which dog owners must comply are not at all clear.

a. There is no absolute definition of what does and doesn’t count as an acceptable means to pick up. This will leave dog walkers vulnerable to the discretion of council officials as to whether or not the type of bag (or other receptacle) they have is acceptable, and therefore liable to be fined.

b. There is also no clear indication whether walkers of multiple dogs will need multiple bags. Or what the rules are when groups of two or more dog walkers are walking together.

For information and to vote in the poll please click here.



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