Exactly where are Championship show entries declining? Here’s the answer for Mini Smooth Dachshunds


Following on from my previous analysis of Miniature Smooth Dachshund entries between 2005 and 2015 I have now looked at the differences between entries at General Championship shows and those at Breed Club shows for the period 2007 to 2016. I’ve also looked at the difference in entries between All-rounders and Breed Specialists and the differences between shows held in the Midlands and those held elsewhere. All the data comes from the KC’s Judges’ records available online. I hope you find the results interesting.

For all these analyses, I removed the Crufts entry data as it is such an outlier due to the high entry it always gets. The total dataset is 217 judging appointments, excluding the Crufts ones.

For those of you who don’t want to wade through the rest of my article, here are the headlines:

  • There was a reduction in annual average entries of 21% from 2007 to 2015 (for both types of show and both types of judge)

  • The average decline for shows in the Midlands was 16%
  • The average decline for shows outside the Midlands was 22%

  • The average decline at Breed Club shows was 12%
  • The average decline at General Championship shows was 27%

  • The higher the proportion of General Championship shows with All-rounder judges in any given year, the lower their annual average entry
  • The higher the proportion of Breed Club Championship shows with All-rounder judges in any given year, the lower their annual average entry

So, if you wanted a plan to increase show entries in the most effective way, you would increase the number of Breed Clubs with Challenge Certificates and you would bring on more Breed Specialist judges to award CCs.

It is important to remember that this analysis is only for Mini Smooth Dachshunds. The patterns and trends might be completely different in the other Dachshund varieties and in other breeds.

At the Kennel Club AGM in May, Keith Young updated the members on the progress and plans of the Dog Show Promotion Working Party (DSPWP). He said that the WP would be meeting representatives of 8 breeds to discuss their particular problems of falling entries. I asked that the 8 breeds be provided with the data on show entries prior to the meeting and that comparison data for General Championship Shows should also be made available.

Unfortunately, none of that data was ever shared with the breed clubs. Now you have it for the Mini Smooth Dachshunds.

As in my previous analysis, there may be some debate about the definition of who is a Breed Specialist and I also acknowledge that we don’t have the full data for 2016 (albeit with only 3 more shows to go). Since two of those shows are Breed Club ones that typically attract above average entries, the overall picture for 2016 is likely to be better than my graphs show.

All the “average change” numbers I have quoted above are taken from the trend lines drawn on these graphs (calculated in Excel).

ms_07-16_all_except_crufts ms_07-16_midlands_except_crufts ms_07-16_non-midlands ms_07-16_breed_clubs ms_07-16_gcs ms_07-16_breed_clubs_ar ms_07-16_gcs_ar

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