Sue’s Smooth Dachshund Critique from Bath Championship Show 2018

BATH CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW  28/5/18 Smooth Dachshunds

Sue - BOB SH Bath 18As usual with this variety of dachshund, the overall level of quality of conformation was very good, and as a consequence movement was also above average with most dogs able to hold their outlines in profile and generally having sound up and back action.  I had some super quality dogs to judge and was spoilt for choice in both line-ups for the CCs. On the downside, there are still some exhibits with nervous temperaments that are reluctant to be handled and display anxiety with the overall surroundings. Also of concern was the dearth of pups in the lower classes.  I only had one bitch pup to judge. This does not bode well for the future of this breed and I do hope there are more youngsters waiting in the wings to make their debut in the coming months.

Minor Puppy Dog – no entries

Puppy Dog (1, 1 abs)

Junior Dog (1)

Hunt’s     Lauralee Huckleberry Finn At Carpaccio

Impressive red of quality with eye-catching outline and everything to like, just needing full maturity now to complete the picture and I predict a very bright future.  Well proportioned masculine head with correct shape dark oval eye. Proud head carriage with good reach of neck which flows smoothly into well-laid shoulders with good return of upper arm and as a consequence displays the correct forechest.  Overall good body shape for age with good spring of rib and flowing underline. Well let down quarters with good bend of stifle complete the picture. Shown in fit, muscled condition and moves out freely in profile covering the ground with ease.  Parallel up and back action. Very close up in the challenge. I liked him a lot. A son of my BOB I see.

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1st    Hughes’ Matzell Matamua At Ivcar

The first of 3 exhibits from the Matzell kennel that I awarded 1st to today and their breeder is to be congratulated on producing a uniform and recognisable type with high-level quality of construction and movement.  This elegant red boy had an attractive head, carried on a lengthy neck. Shoulders were well laid back and his topline was firm and level, never faltering on the move. He has good, balanced angulation in fore and hindquarters and this construction enabled him to move out freely in side gait, and with sound parallel action out and back. I just felt he could have showed a little more enthusiasm on the move today.

2nd    Alton’s Kiersha All That Jazz

Heavier built black and tan, who displayed an attractive head with keen expression, good shoulder placement and forechest, but did move slightly close in front coming towards me with out-turned front feet.  Not quite as level in backline as 1st, but had well angulated quarters and good bone and substance throughout.

Limit Dog (4)

1st    Goffin-Thoroughgood’s Matzell Malizani

I see this elegant red boy is a litter brother to my previous class winner and the two of them are so alike that the same remarks apply.  He has a well-proportioned head with dark eye of correct shape carried proudly on a reachy neck with flows seamlessly into well-laid shoulders.  Overall body shape is excellent with a firm topline maintained at all times in stance and movement, and a sweeping underline to complement. Correctly angulated quarters complete the picture.  He strode out freely in profile, holding his topline firmly and had parallel up and back action. This must have been a super litter, as I also gave 1st in Post Grad bitch to a sister to these 2 boys.

2nd    Higgins’ Meganhol Black Musketeer of Leveliss

Correct size black and tan of different type to 1st.  Overall elegant outline with good ground clearance. Good head with keen expression.  Not quite the shoulder angulation of 1st, but had good body shape and held his outline on the move, striding out freely and with confidence.  

3rd    Jeffreys’ Carpaccio Swan Song At Andax

Open Dog (5, 2 abs)

1st    Armstrong’s Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby

Stunning black and tan who commands attention on entering the ring.  Presented in gleaming condition with glossy coat and firmly muscled body.  This dog excels in movement and powers round the ring with lengthy and effortless, ground-covering stride.  Head is masculine with strong jaw and keen expression. Has correct length of neck and textbook shoulder placement with lengthy upper arm and plenty of forechest.  Firm topline and sweeping underline with good spring of rib. Hindquarters are well angulated and he has good bone and substance throughout. He carries himself proudly on the move and with this high-level quality of conformation is completely sound up and back and holds his lovely outline at all times in profile as a consequence.  He is also proving himself as a sire too, as I see my bitch CC winner, Junior dog and Open bitch winners are all his offspring. One to be very proud of, and like the Matzell kennel, his breeders are also to be congratulated for producing excellent quality exhibits of uniform type and construction. Well deserved CC and Best of Breed.

2nd    Starkey’s Carpaccio Jasper From Hamoura

Black and tan of different type to 1st but equally correct, being smaller and more compact.  I have judged this boy before and admired him since I first saw him make his debut as a raw pup of 6 months.  Everything about this dog is so well balanced and unexaggerated. He has an attractive, masculine head, good reach of neck, well-placed shoulders, firm and level topline held at all times in stance and movement.  Correct body shape with flowing underline and well angulated quarters complete the picture. Everything flowed seamlessly under my hands on the table examination and he didn’t disappoint on the move, having an easy stride in profile with parallel up and back action.  Has good ground clearance and correct 2 to one length to height proportions. That old cliché “unlucky to meet 1st today” applies.  Hence Reserve CC.

3rd    Hone’s Pachego Compare The Market With Oxondachs

Veteran Dog – no entries

Special Beginners’ Dog or Bitch (1)

1st    Hinwood’s Longmel Special Truffle

Correct size, feminine red with elegant outline.  Attractive head with keen expression, good reach of neck, reasonable shoulders, held her topline well on the move and was parallel coming towards me, but not quite so true moving away.  Stepped out freely in profile.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1st    Alton’s Kiersha Secret Star

Very raw black and tan baby who was rather over-awed by the occasion and needs to gain confidence to make the best of herself.  Overall had unexaggerated conformation and held a good outline for her age on the move. Correct size (not too big).

Puppy Bitch – no entries

Junior Bitch (2)

Only 2 in this class, but both of excellent quality and should have bright futures.

1st    Hunt’s Carpaccio Silent Siren

Mischievous dark chocolate and tan who delighted in giving her handler a hard time while trying to get her to stand!  This just added to her charm, as all dachshunds should have great character. She did, however, pull it all together on the move and this is where she excels, covering the ground with a long, powerful stride and looked as if she could go all day.  She has an attractive, feminine head with cheeky expression, good length of neck, well-placed shoulders and good spring of rib and overall body shape. Well let down quarters complete the picture and she also has good bone and substance throughout and a weather-proof coat.  I would perhaps just like a little more ground-clearance. Reserve CC.

2nd    Armstrong’s Lauralee Laugh Out Loud

Of different type to 1st, being slightly longer and not quite as mature, although I see she is the same age as my winner.  Like all the exhibits from this kennel, she excels in forequarter construction, having textbook shoulder placement and length of upper arm, with consequent good forechest.  Holds a firm topline and has well angulated quarters. Underline just a little milky today which slightly spoilt her outline, but this is just temporary. Liked her a lot. Another by Nicholas Nickleby I see.

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 1 abs)

1st     Norton’s Matzell Myrtle

The 3rd of this litter I awarded a 1st to today, and she is a feminine version of her two brothers, having an excellent overall outline which she holds at all times in stance and movement.  Elegant red with attractive feminine head carried proudly on reachy neck which flows seamlessly into well-laid shoulders. Firm, level topline never falters on the move in profile and she covers the ground with long, easy strides with lovely reach in front which I  particularly admired. Is completely true up and back. Quality bitch.

2nd    Hone’s Oxondachs After Eight

Correct size, more compact black and tan of different type to 1st.  Well balanced outline with moderate angulation in fore and hindquarters.  Has a good body shape with firm topline, and good flow of underline to complement.  Good parallel action out and back. I just preferred the shoulder placement of my winner.

3rd    Alton’s Kiersha Morning Star

Limit Bitch (5, 1 abs)

A lovely class of quality exhibits.

1st    Armstrong’s Lauralee To The Manor Born

Beautiful shaded red on top form today and presented in gleaming condition.  Drew my attention immediately on her entrance to the ring with her overall outline and presence.  Is elegant, but also has good bone and substance. Loved her attractive head with dark, oval eye and a hint of a Roman nose.  Has a lengthy neck which flows into her textbook well placed and laid-back shoulders with excellent return of upper arm and has the correct forechest as a result. Firm, level topline, with sweeping underline and well let down quarters. Her excellent conformation translated into powerful and accurate ground-covering action viewed in profile.  She has a long stride with good forward reach and drive from behind and I particularly admired her front action coming towards me. CC and as a daughter of my Best of Breed she matched him perfectly in the final challenge, sharing many of his qualities in a feminine version.  Loved her.

2nd    Jones’ Adnerbs Lexi Get Fizzical

What a delight to see this classy red shown free-standing on a loose lead, which tells me she has a confident temperament.  I particularly admired her correct size and unexaggerated construction with the two to one length to height ratio called for in the breed standard and good ground clearance.  This elegant bitch didn’t disappoint on the table examination where everything fitted and flowed. Has a firm topline and sweeping underline and well angulated quarters. Moved out freely in profile and has good up and back action.  I just preferred the shoulders of my winner today.

3rd    Norton’s Matzell Martha

Open Bitch (6, 1 abs)

Another strong class.

1st    Armstrong’s Lauralee Girl Crush

Another lovely red girl from this consistent kennel.  Built on very similar lines to my previous class winner, but in a slightly larger mould.  Quality all through, with the same attractive well-proportioned head as her kennelmates. Has correctly placed well-laid shoulders and good forechest, strong topline and sweeping underline and well angulated quarters.  Covers the ground with a powerful stride and holds her outline at all times and has good parallel action out and back.

2nd    Hunt’s Lauralee Miss Marple At Carpaccio

Smaller, more compact black and tan who I see is a half-sister to 1st (by my dog CC winner).  Attractive feminine head with keen expression, carried proudly on a good reach of neck. Well placed shoulders and correct forechest and good body shape with lovely spring of rib and oval front viewed head-on.  Flowing underline to complement. Free, active mover in profile, holding her shape well. Just preferred the slightly more let down quarters of my winner today.

3rd    Bennett’s Ch. Shardaroba’s Dream Baby.

SUE SEATH (judge)


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