Guess which Sunsong Wire Dachshund couldn’t track the skin off a rice pudding?

We had a great time at the WHDC Fun Day today. Cadbury, Goril, Foxy and Opal all had a go at the tracking exercise. They had to follow a trail that had been laid this morning and find a dead bunny. You’d think the 3 Norwegians with their working pedigrees would win hands-down but it was Cadbury (US show-breeding) who excelled. Goril was next best (that’s probably why she’s hell to let off the lead, mostly – and she’s a Norwegian working champion) and Opal was OK. Dunce of the day was Mr Foxy who clearly couldn’t track the skin off a rice pudding! Poor old Foxy didn’t get his name on the Certificate.


Thank you to the Wire Club for organising the day and Sue Gilkes for hosting it at her farm.


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