Difficulties in judging Dachshunds – an FCI perspective

There is an excellent article in the 2017 WUT magazine by Dr Cesare Calcinati. He describes the difficulties of judging Dachshunds and provides some great photographs of judging procedure for the breed. Ignore the fact that he is discussing the FCI Breed Standard and that some of the photos are of dogs that might be considered too continental for UK tastes. Many of the dogs illustrated would do well under UK judges and the illustrations of correct movement are particularly important to study.

He says that FCI Group 4 (Dachshunds) is the easiest to get approved for but the most difficult to judge. “In all the countries, we have a lot of judges for Dachshunds, but how many of them can evaluate the breed correctly? 10%, hardly more.” That statement may well hold true in the UK as well. Once a judge has been approved to award CCs in one variety, they are approved to award them in all 6 varieties. That applies to breed specialists and all-rounders.

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