Championship Show entries for Dachshunds 2007-2018

It’s 3 years since I last analysed the championship show entry trends for Dachshunds.

I’ve now analysed the data for 2007-2018 and summarised this in the charts below. Here’s a summary:

  • Smooths: the decline that was seen between 2007 and 2014 has stabilised in the past 4 years but the overall trend has seen approximately a 20% reduction in entries since 2007
  • Longs: The overall decline in Long entries continues, again with around 20% reduction over the 12 years
  • Wires: Although the overall trend over the 12 years is downward (5%), 2018 (and 2019) entries are back to nearly the same level as 10 years ago. The decline in Wire entries reversed in 2014 and this coincides with an increase in Wire registrations
  • Mini Smooths: Although the overall 12-year trend is downward (approx. 10% reduction), current entry levels are at the same the levels of 10 years ago. The massive increase in Mini Smooth registrations has not translated into similar increases in show entries
  • Mini Longs: Their decline in entries continues and is just under 20% over the 12 years and this pretty much mirrors their decline in registrations over the same period
  • Mini Wires: This variety has seen the most significant decline in entries over the 12 years (around 40%), although there is some evidence that this has stabilised during 2017-19. This drop is far greater than their change in registrations (which dropped by about 10% over the period)

Entries 2007-18 Stds

Entries 2007-18 Mins

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