7 years of my “Best of Health” articles

It’s the 7th anniversary of my first “Best of Health” article for Our Dogs, published in March 2014. They are all (84) available here.

I sometimes wonder how I’m going to find 1000 words every month but, invariably, somebody says something or does something that inspires me to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). There are some recurring themes:

  • Improving canine health is a complex multi-stakeholder problem
  • There are no “simple solutions” despite what some people might want
  • The big challenge is how to change human behaviour, using the data and science; but some people simply do not see the need to change
  • It’s easy for conversations to become polarised but there’s actually lots of common ground to build on
  • There have been some great contributions by individuals and groups; I’d single out Breed Health Coordinators as the unsung heroes

My thanks to Ali Smith and Vince Hogan for the opportunity to be one of their regular columnists and, of course, thanks to everyone who reads my articles and takes the time to comment.

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