Dachshund Registration trends 1999-2021

The KC has recently published the registration data for 2021 and, once again, there is a worrying increase in popularity with total Dachshund registrations up from 14120 in 2020 to 20379 in 2021. Mini Smooths account for most of the increase, having grown by 43%. Wire registrations also increased (by 42%) and Smooths increased by 88%, probably on the back of the Mini Smooth popularity trend.

The registration trend charts from 1999 to 2021 are shown below.

I have recently done an analysis for The Red Foundation of Dachshunds being rehomed by them in 2021. TRF rehomed 50% more Minis and 80% more Standards in 2021 compared with 2020. As in previous years, more dogs than bitches were rehomed and, unsurprisingly, the Smooth coated varieties accounted for the majority being rehomed. 68% of the Dachshunds rehomed by TRF were not KC registered.


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