The KC Dog Owners’ Guide

Advice on buying puppies

How to recognise a responsible Breeder

Questions you should ask

Read the Breed Council’s Factsheet and advice on buying a Dachshund.

Find UK Breeders online at

Dachshund Showcase

More UK breeders – Champdogs

Find out about Working Teckels and their breeders

puppyreg List of currently available puppies (UK)

Puppy Survival Guide available from Eastern Counties Dachshund Association (ECDA).

Older dogs available

All about Puppy Farms – download Hope-UK’s “Educate Yourself” leaflet.

Puppy Farmers Defined

Breed Rescue: We’re very lucky not to have a significant problem and our Breed Rescue organisation always has a waiting list of people who would like to re-home dogs.  Contacts are:

Lost/Found Dogs: Search for, or report, a lost dog at

Non-UK Dachshund Breeders


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