Older Dogs

This page shows details of UK breeders who have notified us that they have older dogs available. These may be dogs that have retired from showing or have not turned out to be suitable to show, or perhaps bitches who have had puppies and are now looking for a pet home. E-mail addresses and telephone numbers are given where possible. Click on the Kennel Affix to go to a breeder’s personal webpage, if they have one. Please mention www.sunsong.co.uk when contacting any of these Breeders. Note: Most reputable breeders will not be prepared to sell without meeting prospective buyers and will not sell to people who are out at work all day, leaving the dog unattended. Breeders who are members of Dachshund Breed Clubs and have therefore agreed to abide by their Codes of Ethics are shown with a BC. Current list of older dogs available (shown in order of date notified to us). Click on the owner’s name if there’s an e-mail link. Otherwise, there will be a ‘phone number.

Available Kennel Affix Owner & Contact Location Date added
1 y.o. Brindle Mini Smooth Dog Roy Tingle
07921 290810
S. Yorks 31 July 2022
6 month Wire Dog Stanegate Judith Carruthers
07795 664070 or 01697 343480
Cumbria 26 July 2022
22 month Std. Wire dog Knottsrose Laura Sanders

07935 463363

Wilts. 16 July 2022

Breed Rescue:

We’re very lucky not to have a significant problem and our Breed Rescue organisation always has a waiting list of people who would like to re-home dogs.

The Red Foundation is a UK network of people who have now become an emergency ongoing fundraiser to be able to get Dachshunds re-homed. They also have funds to take in surrenders, no questions asked and find them the best possible homes!

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