Please read this advice before visiting the Puppy Register page.

  1. Except in exceptional circumstances, you should always be able to see the puppy’s mother.
  2. Visit where the puppy was born, regardless of how far you have to travel.
  3. Get a written receipt for the puppy. Carefully read and understand any conditions imposed by the breeder.
  4. Do not be “forced” into agreeing to have a litter with a bitch puppy that you want as a pet.
  5. If the puppy is KC Registered, the Registration Papers should be available when you pay for the puppy.
  6. All puppies should be provided with some health insurance to cover the first few weeks with their new owner.
  7. The breeder should give you a diet sheet (and preferably also a few days’ supply of their current food).
  8. After-sales help should always be available from the breeder, throughout the life of your puppy.
  9. Reputable breeders will not be prepared to sell puppies without meeting prospective buyers and will not sell puppies to people who are out at work all day, leaving the dog unattended.

Compiled by Anne Moore (Secretary of the Dachshund Club) & Ian Seath (Eastern Counties Dachshund Association).

What is a Puppy Farmer/Commercial Breeder?

Puppy Love Campaigns – raising awareness of Puppy Farms

Note: Breeders of all Miniature Dachshund (Smooth, Long and Wire) puppies should be able to prove to you that they and the stud dog owner have carried out DNA screening for cord1 retinal degeneration (PRA) before they bred their litter.

Download a copy of the Sunsong Puppy Handout for new owners.

Buy a copy of the Puppy Survival Guide from ECDA.

The Kennel Club has published an example of a Puppy Sales Contract here.


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