Art and Gifts

Dachshund gifts from the Labrador Company

Compleat Dachshund
Pam Reed, Animal Artist
Marion Needham Krupp – Artist
Pet Portraits by Christine Varley
Dog Art
Fab Prints
Patsi Ann Sculptures
Teezz UK (Dachshund Gifts)
Unique Dog Art
David Magnes Canine Art
Pet Portraits by Pauline Gledhill
Doll Kennel
Passion for Dogs
Canine Loft
Lorraine Gray Pet Portraits
Carol Ann Johnson Photography
Tracy Morgan Photography
Triona Joyce Portraits
Sarah’s Pet Portraits
Family Portraits
Papillon Embroidery
Best of Breed Fine Jewelry
Snap An Image Photography
Pet Portraits by Lesley Reed
Chisholm Gallery
Jude Walczynska
KC Picture Library
Pencil Portraits
Animal Gift Ideas – Dachshunds
Drew’s Animal Photography
David Joseph Pet Portraits


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